Guest Post from Bob Morford (Team Member) via Facebook

This is Doctor Jorge Ponce (medical and a Pastor) meeting with patients on the last day of the clinics. He is our main contact in Honduras and works all year to set up this week of service. He coordinates with fellow doctors to get them lined up, as well as the pastors at each church where the people come for treatment, and the government. That last part is tough, as government officials like to review our crates carefully and right now at least do not allow us to bring in donated drugs from the US. All the drugs used on our mission have to be bought in country.


After going through the blood pressure and deworming (if needed) program, the patients go to the nurses station to get a determination on what the issues are, then it’s on to the dental clinic or to the doctors, pictured here. All are Honduran doctors working with our mission for this week.
Luke 9:2 on the last clinic day in San Ignacio, Honduras… and four unsuspecting children discover ”warheads” sourball candy. Expressions tell the story!
May be an image of 5 people, child, people standing and outdoors