Dr. Jorge Ponce reports….

It was a great week serving in all these five communities – Cofradía, Las Flores, Guaimaca, Casa de Diamantes & El Piliguin (see posts with below).

The pastors of the communities we visited told us that people were afraid to attend the clinics for fear of getting infected. During the five days we only had two patients with suspected Covid, whom we referred to the hospital for testing and to receive timely attention.

The people in each community were grateful since they have not received medicine to treat their medical condition due the fact that health centers and hospitals are not offering external consultations. It was a blessing for all of them.

In the medical area, we saw a total of 1265 patients (Cofradia-268, Las Flores-222, Guaimaca-296, Casa de Diamantes-21, El Piliguin-263).

The dental area saw 366 patients.  (Cofradia tooth extraction 30 Teeth cleaning. 27 Las Flores. Tooth extraction 30 Teeth cleaning 21 Fluoride application 25 Guaimaca tooth extraction 50 Teeth cleaning 31 Fluoride application 25 Casa de Diamantes tooth extraction 32 Teeth cleaning 14 Fluoride application 8 El Piliguin tooth extraction 28 Teeth cleaning 26 Fluoride application)

26 patients received Spiritual counselling. 2 received Christ as savior and 5 people reconciled. Each church had a prayer team who prayed with all the patients.

We distributed 30,000 pounds of food. (You read that right…15 tons!)

We will continue doing our follow up program also to work via zoom with the pastoral training and checking with the communities to confirm the right use of the water chlorinators. Thank you to all the Luke 9:2 Ministries team for your help and support.

In Christ Jorge Ponce and Family


Use the links below to view a video of each clinic day:


Las Flores


Casa de Diamantes

El Piligüin

Planning and Preparation


Thank you for your prayers and financial support which enable a full week of clinics – all staffed by local providers and volunteers!