Guest Post by Robert Morford via Facebook | Friday Evening, January 17, 2020

Tonight was the first in-country meeting for the Luke 9:2 Mission 2020 in Honduras. #L92M2020

As has been our habit we are staying at the La Iglesia de Amistead Christiana Mission outside the capital of Tegucigalpa.

Our in country leader Dr. Jorge Ponce started by translating for Pastor Nelson Orellana who talked to us about the Mission’s focus, which includes running one of only three nursing homes in the country (including one lady of 100-years until recently), and helping the many area homeless and poor. This is a very important ministry, as the vast majority of people in Honduras have no retirement plan, very few social services, and for the poor not even the money for burial. Finally, they serve up to 80 poor children needing clothing, food, & shelter.


Then we heard from Dr. Ponce who has focused us on the proof that this mission’s success comes straight from the fact that God Is Good. Our trip is a mission to serve local people all the help we can in medical, dental, vision, and food and it’s a blessing to all involved. We all know God will do something for everyone giving & receiving this week. (We’re here from 1/17/20 to 1/24/20.)

Finally, our group of thirty introduced themselves in turn by saying why they are glad they are on this mission, many with the following statements:
“I want to share Christ in a new way in a new place”
“To help those who need care”
“To provide both medicine & ministry”
“To show God’s Love”
“To show what a great God we serve”
“To be a part of something larger than myself”
“To be part of an important, ongoing mission”

We closed our meeting as we started, by praising the Lord and asking Him to guide us as we do the work of this medical mission, with the reminder to keep our eyes & ears open for God’s presence, because He’s definitely here!