Guest Post by Robert Morford via Facebook | Saturday, January 18, 2020

Day 2 of the Luke 9:2 January Mission to Honduras was very successful. Some stats to prove the point:
1. 325 patients seen! All screened & vitals taken!
2. 37 patients provided immediate care by the Dental Team, with a total of 66 teeth pulled!
3. 112 patients seen by the Vision Team, with 41 Readers given, 4 glasses for distance, and 16 sunglasses!
4. 15 needed shots from the Medical Team!
5. 90 needy families received three bags of food each of Rice, Corn, & Beans!

At our morning devotional, Stephen Campbell reminds us to allow our eyes and ears to be a positive gateway to our minds. Just as a photographer who takes great pictures, remember that the eyes & ears are but tools to create what the mind believes!

After an eight hour day (our short day for this trip), we all met at 5pm to talk about how the day affected us. Some of the responses:

“The experience was heartbreaking at times (seeing what people here have to contend with just to live and try to stay healthy). Everyone was very respectful, but very much in need.” (MaryKay

“It seemed like I had an OB/Gyn job at times (with so many women in need) and I agree it can be heartbreaking, still the many kids are so full of joy.” (Brandon)

“There were a lot of nursing mothers we had come through, and that impacted me. And another case where a woman had leg wounds that had really become a problem.”

“A really tough case came through where a kid had warts on his feet, other skin issues, and trouble with his lungs, yet he still gave us a big smile at the end.”

“I had a case where a 39-year-old woman turned a testing stick all the warning colors for every problem being tested. That’s very rare.”
(Regan )

“There was great news at the pharmacy. Everything went like clockwork!”

Dr. Rick said it was huge help to have Dr. Elias (dentist in Honduras) here in his mobile van. The story is that he decided to leave a gang area in the city in order to provide help to the rural poor. Through prayer and hard work Dr. Elias now tours the country providing dental services in a donated mobile dental office. “God provided.”

And speaking of God Provides, Eric told us the story of the year the Luke 9:2 mission group had all of our drugs stopped at the border. The mission team went on anyway and somehow all the drugs we needed, when they were needed, became available in-country. Our drugs came to us just before we were scheduled to leave, so we paid all our contributors back and headed home. “This all happened NOT because of some Type-A leaders, but because God made it happen.”

To that story, Dr. Rick reminded us of Ephesians 3:20, which reads:

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.”

With that and a prayer, the day was done!