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What could your GIFT do?                   


$1,000 can…  

  Purchase a WaterStep M-100 water treatment chlorinator

  Sponsor a team member

  Distribute 2,000 lbs of food to over 600 needy families

  Provide conference training materials for 20 local pastors

$300 can…

  Dispense 1,500 doses of adult de-worming medication

  Provide diabetes medicine for 2 months for 225 patients

  Supply blood pressure medicine for 400 patients

$50 can…

  Purchase 5 Bibles to give to patients who visit a clinic site

  Handout 2,500 chewable vitamins to families with children

  Furnish 1,875 Ibuprofen tablets to ease pain & lower fevers

  Buy 60 Amoxicillin capsules to treat bacterial infections 

$10 can…

   Supply crayons for a Health & Hygiene class of 50 children

    Put a cuddly toy into the hands of 3 frightened dental patients

    Take 1,100 extra strength Tylenol tablets to patients in pain