Guest Post from Bob Morford (Team Member) via Facebook

Day3: Luke 9:2 Mission to Honduras, we are all reminded of what being a relatively poor country Honduras is —  financially. And yet,  everywhere we look, around the outside was truly beautiful due to the work of many of these same people. Beauty is in every soul, easy to see when the heart guides the mind.

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The bus ride to Day 3’s mission at Guaimaca, FM, was eventful as our 40 foot school bus made the tight, hard right turn through a compound gate designed for a pickup truck.
Then the mission morning gathering asking God to guide the volunteers as they cared for those literally standing in a line of hundreds waiting to get in.
May be an image of 11 people, people standing and outdoors(And one Margaret Morford was there despite her shoes, used here for 10 trips, finally blew a gasket. Gaffers tape around both kept her working in several positions around the facility yesterday. New shoes for another ten years started today!)
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Hard Stats for work today included seeing a total of 412 Patients in general medicine and dental care (including 28 extractions and 10 fillings), 360 pounds of food packaged and delivered, and a pharmacy crew that sees 95% or more of the patients who came to us.
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Also today, the Honduran doctors and nurses on our team treated a patient with Spina Bifida, another with epilepsy, many with skin diseases, and many with problems related to STI’s. It’s a blessing from God for us that we are able to be here with the right expertise and medicines (and food) to help a group of people that clearly need the help and care.May be an image of 7 people and people sitting
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