Guest Post from Bob Morford (Team Member) via Facebook
Day 2 of the Luke 9:2 mission to Honduras begins with songs in Spanish and English (below) with everyone holding hands for prayer that we keep a servant’s heart as we greet over 220 people needing care.May be an image of one or more people, people sitting, people standing and outdoors
The dental team starting seeing kids and adults around 9:30. In the picture below, this child isn’t thrilled to be there, but other kids can make quite a ruckus. Understandable when for some, this might have been their first time in a dentist’s chair.
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The check in and yes, deworming station were first stops. The worms are a problem because many Hondurans have little or no access to clean water.
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Today’s two best smiles may have come from Pharmacist Kelly Baxter, while battling a challenging first day set up and Nurse Brandon Almand, who, though often caught making people laugh gave the best showing in

medical scrubs. The kids loved them!

But, now that the mission is well under way, consider just two stories the doctor’s heard from the people who lined up around the building to wait for the chance to finally get some assistance with their medical needs. First, a woman who had gone weeks without any high blood pressure medicine. When she checked in, her BP was 199 over 200. (It was checked twice to confirm. The doctor gave her medicine and told her to come back to see him Monday & Wednesday of this week.  And there was another lady who had a breast issue that clearly required an immediate mammogram, but had been told it would be April before she could get one. Our doctor got her in line with an organization who could give her the timely help she needs.  All reasons our hearts go out to these great people.
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Nurse Janet Gerard takes BP as the patients check and a medical aide directs to the next station for their specific care.

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You can see the lines were long and conditions for those in wheelchairs took special care.

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Over 300 souls came to the Instituto Davib corea to ask for medical help they usually can’t afford and often rarely receive. From doctors and nurses to dentists and a full pharmacy, the mission team was blessed to be of assistance. Thank you to everyone who has contributed money, time, and effort over the past twelve months getting us ready to be here.