Guest Post by Robert Morford via Facebook | Wednesday, January 22, 2020

“And He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”  Luke 9:2

As a Christian Mission, the effort to bring souls to the Lord is the first part of Luke 9:2, so we started today in Tegucigalpa, Honduras at Iglesia Bautista Comunion, our mission’s final stop:

* The Pastors had an amazing experience today where the Holy Spirit moved 26 people to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. For the five day mission, 46 people have been saved and another 34 Christians decided to publicly re-dedicate their lives to the Lord.

* The Mission Teams saw 505 patients today, (our largest group) bringing the total number of all patients seen over the five day mission to 1,960.

* Today, the mission’s Dental Team saw 54 patients and pulled 53 teeth. This week the team relieved pain for a total of 238 people, most all of whom had few other options for care. Our Honduran Dental Team added 26 patients, providing 27 fillings and addressing 9 cavities.

* The Medical Team gave 50 injections for pain relief. Total people helped this week in this way was 159, a high number based on prior years.

* The Vision Team was critical today as 151 people asked them for help. The team fitted 73 readers, 6 for distance, and gave out 27 sunglasses. The total number of people served by the team during our mission was 637.

* Through donations, Luke 9:2 gathered up & delivered a ton and a half of food this week; a bag of corn, a bag of beans, and a bag of rice to 655 families. Today was our biggest day of distribution where 196 families were served.

A few other notes about the day, and a final thought:

“The kids today in the city seemed happier than the ones in the more rural places we went. Not sure why, but I saw a difference.”
(Registered Nurse Sydney)

“There was one ‘runaway’ from Dental to report as well! This one kid had to have his mom chase after him to get him settled back into the chair for care. Kind of exciting for a moment there.” ?
(Dental Team Member Greg)

As several teammates remarked at our final mission meeting tonight, it’s going to be a bit of a culture shock going home after this week. But it really has been a great experience helping people where God would have us serve.

Tomorrow is our ‘free day’ to rest or explore Tegucigalpa after we return from Cofradia, our Mission Home. We’ll all be home on Friday to be reunited with family and friends in our very blessed country.