Guest Post by Robert Morford via Facebook | Sunday, January 19, 2020

The 2nd day of seeing those in need started with multiple clock alarms at 5 am. After breakfast and the devotional, we packed up for the longest day of our trip, 2 hours down the road to Guaimaca, a village where we would spend the day providing medical, dental, vision services, and food assistance.

Dr Jorge sharing the good news of salvation.

Being Sunday, there was a major revival taking place at the church we assisted. The Spiritual Team from our group report that 12 people received Christ for the first time and 34 were reconciled to the Life they want in Him. The revival truly made a joyful noise and it was invigorating to be a small part of the Good News that happened all around us!

We weren’t back again to our Mission home in Cofradia until 8pm, where our dinner was gratefully received by all of our team. At a quick meeting after dinner, we shared our work for the day:

We gave aid to 475 patients, bringing our two day total to just over 800 people.

Our Dental Team helped 61 patients who were in often very serious pain. The team pulled a total of 127 teeth to relieve a lot of that pain. Our in-country partner dentist Dr. Elias saw 25 patients who received 22 fillings and 11 cleanings.

It was a huge day for the Vision Team. They helped 193 patients see better by diagnosing their needs. 127 people needed the cheaters we had in the bank of donations, 4 needed glasses to see at distance and 49 sunglasses were provided to those in need.

The Medical Team provided a diagnosis for all of the 475 patients, including blood pressure checks, 39 injections, blood work & urinalysis.

The Food Team assisted 190 families, including many difficult to take in situations; like a mother unable to feed her newborn because she had no food in her house at all. Several different team members from the whole mission team dug into their backpacks to feed both mother & child. Dr. Ponce is now sending her to a clinic for a CT Scan. Sadly, this not an unusual story in Honduras. If you are poor here, you may well seriously suffer.

So for all of us, it’s a True Blessing from Him to be here to help.


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