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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Upcoming Trips



Honduras September 2017: Medical


September 6-10, 2017

A small team (6-10 members) will travel to Cofradia, Honduras in order to provide medical care to the local population and support our local physician, Dr. Jorge Ponce.  The team of healthcare professionals and volunteers will provide chronic disease management services to the communities we have visited in the past.  In addition, the group will bring medications that will allow Dr. Ponce to continue to treat diabetes, hypertension and epilepsy in these villages for the next six months.   If you are interested in serving on a mission trip like this, please email us at 

TOTAL DONATION     $1,050.  ($200 Non-refundable deposit due April 1. Balance due by June 1)




Honduras January 2018: Medical


January 19-26, 2018


A large group of healthcare providers, dentists, teachers and laypersons will work with our local physician, Dr. Jorge Ponce, and provider medical care and spiritual support to the communities outside of Cofradia, Honduras.  A small advance-team of pastors and teachers will travel ahead of the medical group to mentor the local pastors and church leaders of the community-based churches in the villages that we serve.  In addition, we will provide medical consultation, dental care, eyeglasses, medications and food to over 2,000 patients in five communities.  We look forward to continuing to provide longitudinal and acute care for needy families with whom we have built long-term relationships. If you are interested in serving on a mission trip like this, please email us at


TOTAL DONATION     Approx. $1,250.  ($200 Non-refundable deposit due Sept. 19, 2017)