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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Luke 9:2 Ministries History


Our ministry providing medical care to underserved populations in Central America began in 2001 at Crievewood Baptist Church of Nashville, TN, when a group of members felt called to offer basic medical and dental care to the people of Honduras. The church assembled a team of health professionals and laypersons who spent one week in the outskirts of Talanga, Honduras, providing medical care, evangelism, and education. Following this successful pilot experience, plans were made to continue annual trips to Honduras, and subsequently to Guatemala as well. This ministry provided short-term medical mission opportunities for members and affiliates of Crievewood and built long-term relationships to ensure continuity of care for the people of Central America.


Every year our group travels to Honduras or Guatemala. Each team prepares for a trip by purchasing and collecting donations of medications and supplies. Contacts in the Central American countries assess the medical needs of the local people and advertise our impending arrival. During each week-long mission trip, teams set up a mobile dental and medical clinic in remote areas, providing basic services that are unavailable to many members of the communities. Patients are examined and evaluated by trained medical and dental professionals, and medications, eyeglasses, and education are provided free of any charge to patients. In addition, team members serving as evangelists share our faith-based purposes for the aid and offer to share the Gospel with any interested patient. During a typical week of mission service, the team evaluates more than 2,000 patients, extracts 700 teeth, provides 600 eyeglasses, and dispenses more than 10,000 medications.


A core group of participants comprises the team, which includes a physician, a dentist, nurses, and key church members. As each team returns to share sucess stories with friends, family, and co-workers, the list of participants grows to include additional healthcare professionals, as well as interested laypersons, who provide financial support and serve as team members. From the initial group of 2 Crievewood Baptist members, our list of supporters and participants now numbers more than 150, and we continue to grow. In 2008, 35 persons representing 17 different churches and 6 different states participated in the trips.


With the growing number of team members and supporters, and because of our broader goal to provide continuous care in these foreign countries, we recently formed a formal 501c3 group. While Creivewood Baptist has been gracious in providing a portion of its mission funds to helping us purchase the medications and supplies that we require, we can no longer rely on a single church’s beneficence when so many other churches and communities across the United States are now involved in the project. In addition, as we establish long-term relationships with local health care providers and missionaries in both Honduras and Guatemala, we would like to utilize the trust established in these relationships to provide continuous care for their underserved populations through ongoing financial and prayer support.


Establishment of 501c3 status provides us the freedom to accept the financial support from churches and donors who are already supporting us with their prayer efforts and time commitments. Our mission is well summed up in the verse found in Luke 9:2: “And He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God, and to perform healing.” For these reasons, we are now Luke 9:2 Ministries, Inc., and we continue to strive toward our goals of healing, teaching, and proclaiming the faith that provides the foundation for our work.


Your financial support is welcome! Make tax-deductible gifts to our ministry by sending your check to Luke 9:2 Ministries, 2000 Mallory Lane - Suite 130-103, Frankilin, TN 37067.